Inverters from Alto Solar

Stand Alone Inverters
Alto Solar offer standalone inverters SMA Sunny Island battery inverters, PV-Diesel Hybrid systems ABB, Fronius Primo,  ranging from five kilowatts to more than twentyfive kilowatts. We supply and install 12/24Volt DC charge controllers which are of high quality and reliability, produced by Morningstar Corporation USA.

Grid Connect Inverters
Alto Solar sell the complete range of SMA Sunny Boy, Sunny Tri power and Sunny Mini Central grid connect inverters. These are the most popular grid connect inverters. Also available are ABB, Fronius Primo, Schneider Electrics, Bosch, inverters, all being able to WiFi and webserver interface.

Zero Export systems are now offered for larger commercial applications Zero Export stops solar generated electricity from entering the power grid as no power is exported the power companies are happy for large system to go into service. Your  own power generator plant can neutralize your power bill.

Charge Controllers

The main function of a controller or regulator is to fully charge a battery without permitting overcharge or reverse current flow at night. If a solar array is connected to batteries with no overcharge protection, battery life will be compromised. Simple controllers contain a relay that opens the charging circuit, terminating the charge at a pre-set high voltage and, once a pre-set low voltage is reached, closes the circuit again, allowing charging to continue. More sophisticated controllers utilize pulse-width modulation (PWM) or maximum power-point tracking (MPPT) to assure the battery is being fully charged in the most efficient manner. Alto Solar stock a full range of quality charge controllers from MorningStar and Plasmatronics. These controllers can be connected  to sealed lead acid batteries, gel cell , lithium ion batteries.

Morning Star charge controllers offer unmatched quality and reliability. Most models come with a 5year warranty and have an expected life of 15 years or more. PWM is available on all units. MorningStar products are designed with a 25% safety margin, meaning that there is no need to derate them below their nameplate rating.
Plasmatronics is an Australian owned company, which manufactures some of the most sophisticated charge controllers available. Alto Solar sell and install the PL range which offer intelligent charging and battery monitoring as well as the ability to log data and communicate with a computer for an added level of diagnostic ability.

Coming soon to Australia Kyocera have sold some 40,000 units in Japan over the last 4 years. Now that they are happy with the performance this battery storage system, has just been released in Europe. We're next! If you’re interested in some more information we can assist on battery storage or call 07 4041 7445

Kyocera Solar Modules

Kyocera solar modules are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency.


About Alto Solar Cairns

Alto Solar are now a distributor to Kyocera Solar in North Queensland we offer the full range of products stocked and supplied by Kyocera here in Australia .


Batteries & Inverters

Kyocera Solar stock stand alone inverters ranging from a few hundred watts to more than five kilowatts. We also supply and install full battery storage systems.


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