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Alto Solar works in North Queensland selling Kyocera Solar a Japanese Company. From  a 12 volt solar panel that charges a battery in a caravan or a yacht, to the world largest floating solar farm 13.4 megawatts that 51,000 solar panels in Yamakura Japan. Kyocera have the experience backed up with quality not equalled and know how to boot, with our local knowledge we can make you next solar project a success no matter what size.

Alto Solar are now a distributor to Kyocera Solar in North Queensland we offer the full range of products stocked and supplied by Kyocera here in Australia .

Stand-Alone Solar Modules -150 watt • Grid Connect Solar Modules 265 watt

Kyocera Solar Modules

In 2008, independent testing began at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre. This unique site places various panel manufacturers on an even playing field, enabling accurate and unbiased comparison of technology performance. Kyocera Solar Poly-crystalline modules continue to outperform all our competitors Mono-crystalline and Polycrystalline panels on site, under the harshest Australia environmental conditions.

Don't just take our word
See for yourself : www.dkasolarcentre.com.au
Kyocera modules are identified on site as ‘Solar Forrest - Fixed' #14
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Proven Longevity

We've recently celebrated the 25th year anniversary of the Sakura Solar Energy Centre. This world renowned facility has been the site of thousands of hours of research into performance and longevity of Kyocera Solar panels systems. The Centre is equipped with a 43kW Kyocera solar power generating system that was installed in 1984. Test results show the proven performance with only 8.6% average degradation. Proven performance of modules manufactured 25 Years ago which have been in real world conditions for more than their Warranted period.

The Proof is in the Prius

In 2009 Toyota chose Kyocera, above all others, as their partner to provide an integrated solar roof into the Third Generation Prius, the world's most environmentally friendly vehicle. An honour Yes! Surprising, not really!

Our roof top solar module – designed to ensure colour uniformity and integration seamlessly into the curved roof – is used to power Toyota's 3rd generation Prius' solar ventilation system. The result: a comfortable driving experience achieved through the use of clean and abundant renewable energy.

Proven Manufacturing

Kyocera manufactures and assembles solar cells and modules at its own worldwide production sites using a true vertical integration process we call ‘Chain of Custody'. This superior approach gives Kyocera complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, producing modules with built-in quality, proven reliability, superior performance and tight power tolerance.

Here at Alto Solar we look forward to being of assistance to your organization in the near future offering a competitive price on top quality solar modules and equipment don't hesitate give us a call today.

Northam Mitre 10, 40KW
Nuclear and Seismic testing site NT
ABB Headquarters 100KW
Toyota Melbourne 500KW
Solar LED Park Light Atherton
Sydney Flower Markets 250KW
Redlynch Valley 5KW Residential
Standalone System - Mission Beach

Kyocera Solar Modules

Kyocera solar modules are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency.


About Alto Solar Cairns

Alto Solar are now a distributor to Kyocera Solar in North Queensland we offer the full range of products stocked and supplied by Kyocera here in Australia .


Batteries & Inverters

Kyocera Solar stock stand alone inverters ranging from a few hundred watts to more than five kilowatts. We also supply and install full battery storage systems.


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